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TWBP - Tango With Bronzer Powder
Get the Color, hair coloring professional cream. Brilliant with a natural effect, long-lasting color.

With apple extract and wheat proteins, it guarantees:

• Maximum gray hair coverage
• Ultra-bright color
• Super convenience and ease of use
BB - Body Bronzer - SALE
Coloring hair sweetly?

Get the Color Dolce is a permanent dye completely ammonia-free, to offer all the benefits of a classical dye. It is the most suitable coloration for customers with sensitive and sensitized scalps or those who wish to approach the world of cosmetic coloring feeling completely safe...


is sweet because:
• it is sweet during the coloring procedure
• it is sweet to hair
• it is sweet to the scalp
TWBP - Tango With Bronzer Powder
Creamy peroxide with high stability.
Brings softness to hair while developing its professional performance.

Available in:
10 vol, 20 vol, 30 vol, 40 vol
BB - Body Bronzer - SALE
Ammonia Free Semi Permanent Hair Dye, it is delicate and excellent for gray hair coverage. Each kit contains; Ammonia Free Cosmetic Hair Color 60 ml, Color Activator Milk 60 ml, Nutritive Protective Shampoo with Vitamin PP & Pro vitamin B5, Protective Gloves.
BB - Body Bronzer - SALE
Specific anti decolorizing action conditioning. Has a high power of lightening and bleaching which allows up to 7 tones. It is used with Oxidant Cream & Fashion Styling at 20, 30 or 40 volumes. Allows a controlled discoloration, personalized and secure.
TWBP - Tango With Bronzer Powder
I|Light is a direct coloring line for professional use only. It completes the color service in the salon by highlighting the creativeness of hair stylists through new plays of light.
It is a high performance direct color in 15 hues, for colored or streaked hair. It renews the shades of already colored or streaked hair discolored with time, and restores brightness, sheen and softness without the regrowth effect.

The hues are divided into 3 series:
Tonalizer, Soft and Deep.