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BB - Body Bronzer - SALE
Shiny colors respecting hair.
Colorcare is everything that helps the hairstylist to keep hair colors vivid.

Designed for professionals, Colorcare includes all the products to be used before, during and after coloring and bleaching services, protecting hair and scalp.

Colorcare combines technology and safety to obtain bright and protected hair and to enhance the value of the service that hairstylists can provide to their customers.
TWBS - Tango with Bronzing Stick - Sale
Detergents with violet pigments, eliminates the blonde hair and white unwanted yellow reflection resulting from the photo-oxidation of the hair.

It keeps the original tone of the blonde and natural cosmetics and white and provides extreme shine and luster.
TWBS - Tango with Bronzing Stick - Sale
Ultimate treatment for extremely damaged hair. Damaged hair requires an intensive treatment and a constant care in styling. Refibra is a cosmetic treatment for the reconstruction of extremely damaged hair.

Its mission is repairing hair, to avoid to have to resort to cutting as ultimate solution.

The line contains seaweeds, oligoelements and Redoxina®.
TWBP - Tango With Bronzer Powder
Primaria is the professional anti age line for hair, based on Redoxina®, an innovative technology formulated to provide hair with energy and vitality, and to safeguard its beauty through time.

Elgon's research laboratories have designed the Primaria line on the basis of brand-new active principles which preserve the health of your hair, prevent problems due to ageing, counter stress-related dullness, protect from blemishes due to outside agents, and finally help to maintain skin balance.
TWBP - Tango With Bronzer Powder
Designed as a professional treatment for sensitive scalp, Sinsea is made with natural materials and without preservatives. Sulphate and paraben free, non-aggressive for the scalp. With oils of natural origin, to restore the balance, soothe and strengthen scalp and hair.

A stressful pace of life, frequent washings, aggressive treatments and intense activities, like sport, increase sensitivity in hair and scalp.

Ingredients and features
SINSEA contains 7 oils of natural origin, each with different properties, to provide the scalp with a balanced mix of nourishment, moisturization and well-being.
TWBS - Tango with Bronzing Stick - Sale
Amplea is a new haircare line that adds volume to your hair. The combined action of Voluhidra Complex® technology and Redoxina® provides the volume required and protects the hair from the signs of aging.