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BB - Body Bronzer - SALE
This convertible 3-in-1 sharpener is all the sharpener you will ever need. Made with a stainless steel blade, this extremely strong sharpener comes with a protective cover to avoid mess and a plastic stick to help keep it clean. Made in Germany.
TWBP - Tango With Bronzer Powder
Palladio brushes were specially designed for today's woman. Soft and ergonomic, made with natural bristles.
TWBP - Tango With Bronzer Powder
PNT01- Sunscreen= UV protection, Top coat prevents yellowing.

PNT02- Vita-five = A nail enrichment blend of vitamins & minerals to promote healthy nail growing.

PNT03- Moisture surge= Nail repair for brittle nails that split, crack & peel.

PNT04- Flexi-strong= Base coat for ridged, thin & weak nails.

PNT05- Clarity= Brightens & corrects yellow nails.

PNT06- Nail Brilliance= Quick dry top coat for maximum brilliance.

PNT07- Green Tea= For simply strong nails that don't break, chip or peel.

PNT08- Fuse= For excellent adhesion of nail enamel to natural nails.

TWBS - Tango with Bronzing Stick - Sale
Palladio Herbal & Vitamin Enriched Skin Care Products are enhanced with naturally beneficial ingredients like Ginseng, Green Tea, Cucumber extract and Vitamins A,C,D and E which help the skin appear fresher, brighter and younger looking.

Set Includes (6pcs) : Foaming Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Pore Refining Facial Scrub

Ultra Firming Anti Wrinkle Serum

Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

UV Defense Daily Moisturizer (SPF 15)

Revitalizing Night Repair Cream